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To drive awareness & ROI for breweries and partners by increasing taproom traffic, for the purpose of creating lasting connections between product and customers.


Got Questions?

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To help you better understand the BeerGuys Craft Club membership program, here are some commonly asked questions among participating locations.

Is there a fee or financial cost to participate as a brewery, restaurant or retail location?

No, there are zero fees to participate, simply provide a special promotion or offer available to members.

What type of promotion can I offer?

The promotion is entirely at your discretion. Some examples include:

  • Promotion on beer;

  • Promotion on food;

  • Promotion on merchandise;

  • Special promotion during certain days of the week;

  • Hosting a special event for members;

  • Promotion on tickets for special events.

Once again, it’s up to you! Feel free to get creative. Click here to see what other partner locations are currently offering.

Can I change my offer/promotion?

Absolutely! Feel free to change your promotion at most once per month. Simply give us two weeks notice so we can update the website and notify members in the monthly newsletter.

Can I also promote events?

Yes! If you are hosting a special event and would like to offer Craft Club members a special discount we are happy to send a dedicated e-blast, include it in the monthly member newsletter, and/or social media. Simply send us an email with the details of your event along with a special promo code and we will happily promote ticket sales!

Where can I download the BeerGuys app?

The BeerGuys app is available for free on iOS and Android by visiting beerguys.ca/app

How can I send special offers through the BeerGuys app?

When you join the program, a geo-fence is created around your location, and anyone with the BeerGuys app installed on their phone will be notified of your offer.

If you would like to send notifications for something other than your current offer, pease send us an email with the details and we’ll be happy to help!

Who are the team and people behind BeerGuys & YYCBeerWeek?

To learn more please visit our Team page.

How much does the membership program cost for consumers?

The membership program regular cost is $7.95/month, however, we may offer occasional signup promotions at a discounted rate.

Can I get membership cards for my staff?

Absolutely! Free memberships are available to all participating locations and their staff members.

Is there a limit on the number of consumer memberships being issued?

No, there is no limit. To drive as much traffic as possible to participating locations, as well as provide maximum marketing exposure, the BeerGuys Craft Club membership is inclusive for anyone of legal drinking age.

How are membership cards distributed?

Upon signup, members receive an email including their digital membership card to be saved to their smartphone, for example, in their Apple Wallet. Please see an example below:


To download a 1-page training sheet you can post for staff members please CLICK HERE.

How will I know if a member is up to date on their membership?

Below the members name is a “Valid Until” expiry date. If the expiry date has passed, their membership is no longer valid.

What is preventing a member from taking a screenshot of their membership card and sharing it with a friend?

Yes, this is a potential issue given the nature of the digital membership card format. However, we are currently working with our technical team to introduce a Version 2.0 membership card which includes each member’s photo. Upon signup (or renewal) members will simply take a selfie which will appear alongside their name on the membership card.

In the meantime, anyone caught wrongfully duplicating their membership card will be banned from the program (not to mention the feeling of shame for lying and ripping-off a charity!). As a result, we don’t anticipate many bad apples.

What happens to the money collected from membership fees?

Membership fees are divided three ways:

  1. To promote and advertise participating breweries, restaurants and retailers, including the monthly e-newsletter, online & social media advertising, print promotional material, and other marketing initiatives.

  2. To maintain and manage the membership program, including website/hosting fees, the membership card platform, and other administrative costs.

  3. At the end of each month a portion of membership revenue is donated to a local charity partner.

How do you plan on expanding the program and attracting more members?

In additional to building awareness and brand loyalty among local residents, one of our main goals for the BeerGuys Craft Club program is to target out-of-town visitors as we expand the program into other cities across Canada.

By offering the membership program in multiple cities, our local partners can capitalize on increased traffic and awareness from tourists.

For example, when a Craft Club member visits Calgary from Edmonton, they will consult the local directory for a list of participating locations. Likewise, when a Calgary-based member visits Edmonton, they can utilize their membership benefits while traveling.

What is the timeframe for expanding to other cities?

Our primary focus is growing the program here in Calgary. Once the program has gained sufficient awareness, we anticipate expansion beginning in the second half of 2019.

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