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Become a BeerGuys Craft Beer Club member and receive exclusive invites, offers and promotions to your favourite local craft breweries, restaurants and retailers.

PLUS each month a portion of proceeds are donated to a local organization in need. Time to raise a glass for a great cause!

Three Reasons to Join


Exclusive Offers

The only craft beer club of its kind, get exclusive savings and insider deals at your favourite craft breweries, restaurants & local retailers! See the Deals


Member-Only Events

Receive private invitations for events not available to the general public, including craft beer tastings, private parties, tours, beer launches and more.


Travel Benefits

Coming soon, use your BeerGuys membership while traveling to participating cities and enjoy complete member benefits at no additional cost!


Whether you’re new to craft beer or a seasoned brewmaster, join a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

Get Your BeerGuys Membership Card today:


For the small price of a pint, only $7.95/month.

Each month your membership fee will help support a local organization in need.

Works on iOS, Android & Windows devices. No PayPal account needed. Cancel anytime, for any reason in just a few clicks.


Join the Community!

By registering now you’ll lock in this special rate of $7.95 for the LIFETIME of your membership!

You heard that right. Lock it in now and reap the rewards as your membership value continues to grow.

Once checkout is complete your membership card will be delivered by email. If purchasing this membership as a gift you will have a gifting option following the checkout process.

To purchase multiple gift memberships including yourself, friends & family, please click here.


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We’ve got answers! Read on.

What is the BeerGuys Craft Club?

The Beer Guys Craft Club Membership Program is an exclusive group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about supporting local, love craft beer and want to continually explore and embrace the local craft beer scene.

How does BeerGuys Craft Club work?

It’s simple…


Once you’ve purchased your membership, we’ll send you a personalized digital membership card to keep in your mobile wallet.


Browse the online directory for a list of promotions and participating locations in your city. *Mobile app coming soon!


Once you arrive at a participating location, simply show your membership card to receive your exclusive BeerGuys Craft Club offer!

Is there a fee to join?

Yes. The membership fee is $7.95/mo.

Do I need a PayPal account to join?

No. When you click “Join the Club,” although you will be taken to a secure PayPal checkout page, you will be given the option of subscribing using a debit or credit card instead of PayPal.

I don’t have an iPhone, will my membership card work on Android?

Our membership cards can be used across many platforms. If you don't have iOS, cards can be opened on Passes (app for Android devices), and even in the native browser.

Can I purchase memberships as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely! If you’d like to purchase a single gift membership for someone else, simply click “Join the Club”. You will have a gifting option once checkout is complete.

To purchase multiple memberships for friends & family, please click here.

Where do my membership fees go?

In addition to maintaining the membership program, each month we donate a portion of membership fees to help support a different local charity partner. On your digital membership card you will see exactly which charity you are helping to support!

Will my membership expire?

Not to worry, we use automatic monthly billing through PayPal so you never have to worry about your membership expiring. Each month, once your payment is successfully processed the expiry date on your membership card will automatically update for another month. Please ensure “Automatic Updates” are turned on in your digital wallet.

Can women join?

ABSOLUTELY. The BeerGuys Craft Club welcomes anyone who is of legal drinking age. Nearly 50% of BeerGuys Craft Club members are women!

How many deals can I redeem each month?

You may visit as many participating locations as often as you’d like. However, please drink responsibly. This membership is not about over indulging, it’s about encouraging you to explore your community; to taste and promote products made right in your own backyard.

As a member, will the promotional offer apply to the entire bill if I go out with non-member friends, or is it only me who gets the benefit?

This depends on the individual location and their policies, however, typically no. The promotional offer only applies to the member’s portion of the bill.

Is my membership transferable?

No. Since your membership card has your name on it you cannot give it to another person. However, you can easily refer a friend so they can get in on the action as well!

How do I know which locations offer a special BeerGuys promotion?

An ever-growing list of participating locations is available through the BeerGuys online directory. To access the directory, simply click the navigation button in the top right corner of this page, then click “Directory”.

We are also working on a mobile app which will soon be available on iPhone and Android.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime, for any reason with just a few clicks. We hope you’ll stay, but we don’t make it hard to leave.

If I cancel my membership can I return to the program and still get my old membership rate?

Unfortunately, no. Your membership must remain in good standing to keep your current membership rate locked in.

Since the membership program will continue to grow in value over time, we encourage you to lock in the current membership rate as soon as possible and keep your payment details up to date in your PayPal account.

Is my payment secure?

Yes, 100% secure! We use PayPal to process all transactions.

Do you offer a group/corporate membership option?

Yes we do! Our corporate membership options are great for any size organization, including sports teams, social clubs, and businesses.

To learn more, please visit our Corporate Membership page.


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